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I can help you with...

Intentional, strategic, and beautifully designed content specifically for your brand. I love creating digital content that best represents my clients to the digital world. I am here to help you through every step of turning your creative ideas into a business.

Below you will find my most recent clients and how Jacqueline Creates was able to bring their vision to life.


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Baylor Virtual Solutions


Baylor Virtual Solutions specializes in providing virtual administrative, clerical, and customer/client support. Denise was in need of both a Logo and a Full website that displayed her experience as an administrative support professional with a unique combination of skills.  


Bold Beginnings


Bold Beginnings is a people-first approach consulting and professional development firm, dedicated to creating solutions to an organization’s needs. We designed a fully creative website design paired with a custom logo that both exemplified professionalism and creativity.


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Professional Installations by A.L.


Home Remodeling & Landscaping Business. In need of a complete rebrand of original website that allows the client to easily manoeuver all its pages to find the information they need.


HomeTel Interiors


HomeTel Interiors designs and installs custom accent walls that help properties stand out on popular websites like Airbnb, VRBO and They needed a fun, custom website that complemented their rental business branding and showcased their current accent wall projects.


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Clean Right
Building Services


Clean right building Services Corp, is a leading provider of cleaning services for commercial, industrial, retail, and medical facilities in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. 





Simplici-Tea was in need of a new website that showcased their beautiful loose-leaf teas and provided a space to educate their clients on all thing's tea, 🫖of course we were able to make that happen!


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EntrepreneuMe Services


EntrepreneuMe Services specializes in creating business plans for small businesses to receive investor, banker, and/or lender funding.


AB Trucking Services


AB Trucking needed a landing page to showcase its freight and dispatching services. They coordinate with shippers and consignees to ensure product is loaded and delivered efficiently and safely to the destination. 


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Indy Tax Queens


Indy Tax Queens needed a rebrand to their website that allowed clients to book services and download necessary tax forms and resources!



Glamazon Body


Glamazon Body needed a full website with multiple pages to showcase the business and a variety of services.



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